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*Bundles starting from $2349.99

* *Get a Free Google Nest Hub

Why Google Nest?

  • Everything Works Together

All of your products work together and you can control it all from a single app or hub.

  • Home Automation

Dim the lights, lock your doors, adjust the temperature, or arm your security system with just a swipe.

  • See What’s Happening, Inside and Out

Keep an eye on your home from anywhere with indoor and outdoor security cameras that stream live video.

Google Nest products offer ease of use and reliability. Z-wave and Bluetooth products only work when you are in a certain proximity to the device. Bluetooth and Z-Wave devices range will diminish after a certain distance. Google Nest uses a WiFi connection giving you access to your smart home from anywhere in the world.

Smart Cameras

Always know whats going on at home with nest indoor and outdoor cameras. Nest indoor and outdoor cameras work seamlessly with the nest app, have the ability to always see what’s going on at home and communicate with 2-way audio. 

Nest Hello doorbell, Nest X Yale Smart Lock

Combining the nest hello doorbell and Nest x Yale lock will give you full control over who is coming in and out of your home. Nest Hello doorbell has facial recognition and it will start to learn familiar faces. The 2-way audio from the Nest Hello doorbell and the ability to lock and unlock your door from anywhere with the Nest X Yale lock will give you complete peace of mind.

Smart Thermostat

Have control of your thermostat from anywhere in the world. Get updates when to change out filters, and even alerts when something is wrong with the thermostat. The learning Nest thermostat will adapt to your habits after a few days of manual adjustment then you never have to worry about it again.

Google Nest Hub

Google nest hub is a 7-inch touch screen interface that gives you the ability to control all your smart home systems from one device. It can also be used for many other tasks: you can ask google questions, make grocery lists that will appear on your phone, stream music with built-in speakers and much more with over 4000 actions available.

Securing your home is easy

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Speak to one of our home professionals who will help you personalize a system so you get everything you need.

 Say Goodbye to DIY Headaches

Leave the installation to the pros. We’ll get everything up and running and make sure all of your products are connected and working together.

 We’re Here to Help

We’ll make sure you know how your new system works. And with 24/7 monitoring and support, someone’s always there to answer questions or assist.

We Do More Than Just Google Nest Products 

We Install all smart home devices that work with the Google Home system

Nest Protect

Nest Protect Smoke & CO Sensor give alerts directly to your phone with real-time updates. Nest Protect will test itself 400 times a day to make sure it’s working properly and will test the alarms once a month.


Email us with the specifications you would like and the total size of your home.

Green Tech Smart Home Improvement

Our goal is to give you complete control of your home. With an automated home, you never have to worry if you left the door unlocked, or the heat/AC on. 

Home Automation at the Click of a Button


We are an electrical contracting company. we have been in this industry for over 9 years. We have moved into the smart home industry with a tremendous passion to bring the highest quality products to our customers. Having total control of your home under one application is key.

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No Project Too Big or Too Small

Our smart home bundles are for every home no matter the size.

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